The current generation Z3 is a 13 lens grade 52 neodymium open motor design. This sub rightfully takes its place as one of the most dominant competition subs of all time even though it wasn’t actually designed for competition.  The motivation behind the Z was simply to build the best sounding high power handling driver of all time. We consider the Z mission accomplished, but not to rest on our laurels we identified key design elements that presented opportunities for improvement and went to work. The results are the latest versions of the Z3 drivers.
The USA steel motor parts are machined in our hometown of OKC, and all the moving parts are USA made from the finest materials and manufacturing methods available.
The Free Flow Cooling System was improved by incorporating longitudinal pole vents to increase airflow to the coil former. Then we Increased thermal mass and used heat absorbing coatings in target areas to aid in long term heat dissipation.
We also implemented geometric changes allowing for increased maximum excursion capability and a wider range of system design configurations.
The Z’s striking cosmetics feature a black oxide coating combined with red anodized accents. The motors are also adorned with custom CNC engraved designs, and every motor is engraved with its production number, making each sub a one of a kind.

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1000w-4000w RMS, 8000w Peak
Diameter 8»,10»,12»,15»,18»,21»
Custom made
Impedance D0.5 / D0.7 / D1 / D1.5 / D2
Made in USA
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