The 800 Series is aimed directly at the over the top bass cruising market. These subs get low and loud for an entire evening long cruise. The motor was designed around a humungorific 4 inch, high temperature, USA made, flat wire, aluminum voice coil.  This monster subs also possesses features such as backplate venting, basket venting and outer shorting ring/heat sinking to ensure the highest long-term heat dissipation possible.
The suspension is a combination of two DD Audio innovations. It utilizes a higher density EROM surround coupled with an exclusive multi-layer composite spider system. This style of suspension gives precise coil movement and long term durability under heavy use.
The new 800 Series is some serious equipment made for the system designer who is going all out in the pursuit of the ultimate bass experience.

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DD 812 D2/D1, DD 815 D2/D1, DD 818 D2/D1

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12inches, 15inches, 18inches